Jasmyn Milan is a multidisciplinary experimental artist from Wilmington, DE  currently based in Durham, NC. Her music and art are a vibrant mix of technicolor, grunge, rage & femme power. Jasmyn Milan is fusing her art with music to create a hyper-animated world of her own. Other known as TRAILORTRASH, Jasmyn Milan is an underground art and club queen. Her debut album IMMORTAL released December 13th.

Jasmyn takes pride in being an independent curator and expanding the horizons of any artist that she works with.Her work has been featured in Duke Rubensteins art center, the Carrack Art Gallery, Durham Fruit & Produce Co.,Ideal Glass Studios and more. She has been published in the Clarion Content, Wotisart magazine, A5 magazine, as well as local zines and publications. She has performed, DJed, curated, and collaborated with multiple events including Hopscotch Festival, Moogfest, RuPauls Dragcon,and Durham Pride.Jasmyn is always taking a futuristic approach to new projects and traveling opportunities, and hopes curate and pursue her talents on a large scale internationally.